Change the Tune

John Murtha (D-PA) used to sing a different tune. His classic recordings had a quality to it that is definitely more listenable than his newer stuff. Like the timeless character of Motown itself when heard in contrast to today’s version of Rhythm & Blues. The syrupy similarity of the R & B music produced nationwide these days doesn’t in any way approach the quality, character and diversity of the recordings that was produced in one Detroit Basement.

But it’s Murtha’s latest tunes that get all the airplay, formulaic as they are. It quickly grows tiresome with the endless rotation on every station on the airwaves. John’s old stuff, poorly recorded on scratchy old hardware still reveals more of the true Murtha than the digital revolution’s absolute cleanliness does today. Perhaps it’s fatigue from the countless over-dubs, “second takes”, or perhaps he’s simply suffering from overproduction which  befalls many of today’s recording artists. We here at the ’Blog thank columnist Robert Novak for reminding us how great those classic recordings are.

Al-Jazzera subsidy, The New York Times has once again cautioned terrorist organizations that they are being monitored. The Times’ Editors suggest the  “public’s right to know” is a good enough reason for them to run the story. It was just scant months ago that this same stinkin’ commie rag was rippin’ the Administration for failing to “Connect the dots”. So ’Shrub & Co start a ’dot collection program’ and the ’Times rats it out.  The fact that the program is out of the scope of Constitutional purview doesn’t seem to make a difference with Times Editors who also let terror types know that the NSA was  monitoring overseas phone calls. We here at ‘The Blog are going to make a concerted effort to ’source’ our news and editorial commentaries from other sources.

Tenured Professor of Fraudulent Practices at the University of Colorado got the bum’s rush from colleagues Monday afternoon. Ward Churchill, famous for fraudulently portraying himself as a “native-American”, a “professor” and a “learned-man” was fired by Interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano after the recommendation was handed down by a panel of Churchill’s peers assembled by University Regents to look into the matter. Churchill got himself into trouble when he penned an article in which he referred to victims of the 9/11 Trade Center attacks as: “Little Eichmanns”. A very patient college stood by Churchill on several occasions citing his trash-talking papers and speeches as protected by the “1st Amendment”. Ward’s big mouth simply got others curious and after a little digging, it turned out that Churchill lied not only about his “Native American” heritage, but much of his research was either plagiarized, or  bunk BS to maintain his tenure at the University. A note to New York Times reporters looking for news to fill your pages: A Google search for this story turned up few sources: and the Hawaii Reporter.

It’s a relief that at least one crappy “professor” in higher education is getting the boot. Considering the big bucks that parents (and taxpayers) cough up to send their kids to these ostensible institutions of “higher learning”, one faintly hopes that tenure requirements will now be examined for content rather than page count.

Anyone recall the mainstream-media cacophony after the Corpus-Christi Times scooped them with the story of VP Dick Cheney’s accidental shooting? The press speculation that followed was of how “news” organizations were “shut-out” signaling a “cover-up?” Instead of the “village” media focusing it’s ostensible “investigative” lens at the fraud Ward Churchill was perpetrating  upon the nation’s “children” the press would rather help Al-Qaeda cells avoid detection by the CIA, NSA, and the FBI.

If candidates for Public Office could be as forth-right and honest as North Carolina’s Vernon Robinson we’d all look forward to campaign season with much more enthusiasm and zeal.

Back home here in Michissippi, unemployment and real estate foreclosures are the state’s number one products. Dem Governor Jennifer Granholm’s taking a beating in the polls  from gubernatorial challenger GOP candidate to be, Dick DeVos. Granholm so far has remained silent, and the Freep and News are both encouraging her to get into this fight. Considering that both newspapers have kicked dozens of their own to the curb during Granholm’s never ending  “downsizing of Michigan” campaign, you’d think they would be hopeful on the future. This poll shows that while Granholm’s negatives are high, those polled blame Bush and former Gov. John Engler for Michigan’s plight. With unemployment here at almost 8%, it was probably an afternoon’s work for ”Strategic Vision” to find 1800 Michigan residents available to talk about the state’s plight.

Last but not least: The GOP US Senate race in Michigan has a pulse! The primary battle will feature the Reverend Keith Butler squaring off against Jerry Zandstra, and late comer Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. In the eyes of the media, Bouchard is the one to beat. He distances himself from both Butler and Zandstra in name recognition, being that Oakland County Sheriff is a fairly high profile occupation that gets him a few law enforcement news stories each month. The state GOP, fearing a collapse from Butler and getting only a faint pulse from the Zandstra campaign, pulled Bouchard from his hospital bed in an attempt to bump out the weak and caustic Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow has made a name for herself in Washington as the: “Senator most likely to hold the door for other Senators”. Stabenow is as invisible as Jennifer Granholm’s economic plan and has been less than helpful in getting Michigan’s name mentioned even by the hotdog vendors outside Capitol Hill. Her Democrat partner Carl Levin was last seen dumpster diving outside the White House failing not only to find documents implicating the Bush Administration in something bad, but failing to find his map of Michigan as well.

We here at ‘The Blog’ like both Bouchard and Butler. We like Butler’s unequivocal moral conviction. Butler also displays a passion and certainty for conservative positions that don’t sound practiced but come to him naturally. Bouchard on the other hand, has name recognition, solid relationships with the GOP political machine, and being Sheriff bolsters the GOP’s image in the “Law & Order” department. Bouchard still has to tell us why he wants the job.

Exports and Imports

It is recorded history that a patriarch of the Krupp family enjoyed the smell of cow manure so much that he had it trucked in to the residential grounds of the Gussstahlfabrik located in Essen Germany.

With precious few weeks to dissect the US Senate’s version of “Immigration Reform”, we see that the legacy of Krupp has posited itself in the halls of that ‘august’ body. The Senate bill is in dire straits prior to heading into a conference committee with the House because of a fundamental Constitutional error. All legislation that involves spending or the creation of taxing policy begins in the Ways & Means Committee of the House of Representatives. The US Senate, trying to contain the skunk within a perfumed bag, offered to simply repackage this arcane, complex, and constricting legislation as a simple “amendment”  attaching the bill to the Houses’ version of immigration reform, “…all done!”

Considering that the Senate can overlook something so fundamental as whether or not this massive double-stuffed burrito of a bill was even constitutional leaves even the newly minted political junkie to wonder: “What the hell else is in that thing?!”

With a measly 4.6% unemployment rate, CBS News now mourns for that last 5% to score decent employment. During the Clinton years when economic growth was less substantial and unemployment was higher, the same media wouldn’t shut up about the “booming” economy “lifting all boats”. The article tries to toss the wet blanket: On the other hand, the unemployment rate dropped a notch from 4.7 percent in April to 4.6 percent in May, the lowest since July 2001.  From the headline, one would assume a recession, but the info in the article tells another tale: Second-quarter growth should be around a 3 percent to 3.5 percent pace; that would still be decent but would mark a deceleration from the brisk 5.3 percent pace logged in the first quarter of this year. Geez, if it’s this bad, we won’t need any stinkin’ immigration reform, because the illegals will head home to Mexico where things aren’t so bad. Soon we’ll be reading hardship stories about overworked US Border guards logging lots of overtime hours managing all the traffic moving south. Maybe the mainstream press is feeling the economic pinch they created for themselves by forsaking “America” in favor of its steady drumbeat of “…warts and all” stories. This same media turning over any rock in America to disparage the Bush administration also attack big business in the hopes of “talking down” the economy.  Unless of course it’s Toyota, which is a “nice” Big Business.

Disgruntled John Murtha, like The Red Hot Chili Peppers keep making the same record over and over again. Now it’s the overworked, demoralized, and frenzied Marines shooting up the Iraqi community of Haditha. Apparently losing it over an IED that killed a fellow Marine, GI’s turned their guns on women, kids, and Democrats looking for absentee voters overseas. Michele Malkin, has a chronology of the media accounts. But all is not necessarily as it seems in Haditha. The mainstream press, while heartlessly throwing hungry journalists on the street missed the hundreds of mass graves filled with innocent Iraqi’s murdered at the command of Saddam. The US Marines are a better target, because their command structure eventually leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hey Man…Nice Shot!

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi punk of Iraq is dead. Al-Qaeda’s ostensible leader in Iraq has met a timely and deserved death. Yup, kaput, finished. Done in by our boys’ superb sense of timing, intelligence, and good old American know-how. Bustin’ a cap in Zarqawi’s ass has been met with much derision by many on the left as merely another attempt to “help the President’s sagging poll numbers”. Others have remarked that President Bush let Zarqawi survive to bolster the argument for “going into Iraq in the first place”. We were told by the same apologists for the world’s dictators that there was “no connection” between Al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, and Iraq. We’ll let the lefties get their argument properly constructed and then we’ll deconstruct it. In all this cacophony, little compassion was ever expressed by the left for Zarqawi’s or Saddam’s victims. Months ago, this same constituency of leftist know-it-alls were complaining that: “we haven’t captured Zarqawi or Bin-Laden. We here at the ‘Blog aren’t complaining; every little bit helps.

Democrats, lacking credibility on any issues crucial to American growth and prosperity, have resorted to throwing fecal matter. It may have seemed funny at the time. But Republicans should ask themselves: Why are they afraid campaigning against such juveniles? Juveniles flinging poo through mail slots? And why on earth are many Republicans moderating their legislative positions with such juveniles? These losers can be so easily defeated by merely expressing conservative ideas to actual voters. Democrats nationwide are reacting with similar emotional and collegiate tribulations of boos, hisses, like children disrupting anybody who doesn’t tow their ideological line. We’ve defined our political opponents as: “Liberals”. But they lack all notions of any libertine ideal except being; illiberal.

Gubernatorial wanna-be Dick DeVos (R) has pulled ahead of lackluster incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D). According to Granholm supporters, the reason is because DeVos has “spent money” on commercials promoting his name throughout a state that does not know his name too well…that makes sense. Granholm should take note: After 4 years under her “leadership”, Michigan’s economy still stinks. The state is still losing more people than it’s gaining. Unemployment here is 2nd highest in the nation. Michigan’s real estate values have declined as much as 10% in the last 2 years, property foreclosures have reached record numbers, and there is little, if any announcements of businesses locating here and bringing jobs with them. These are themes all hammered home in the DeVos commercials, and uneasy residents are nodding their heads in agreement at the ring of truth the ads offer. ‘Jenny’ can argue the “little details” of Michigan’s economy that don’t affect the average Joe’s bottom line. The state is in a downward spiral, and we don’t need “facts and statistics” to know we’re in trouble. Granholm has had 4 years to propose, debate and implement any policies to get the state moving forward, and she has offered nothing but rhetoric, blaming either former Governor John Engler or the Bush Administration for the state’s troubles. Many states didn’t go the President’s way in the last election and their economies are better than ours.

Lastly, Bush advisor Dr. Evil AKA: Karl Rove is off the hook. “Special Prosecutor” Peter Fitzgerald has so stated. After 5 grand jury appearances, copious hours of media speculation, pronouncements from Democrats that “he’s a goner”, Rove is back at Bush’s right hand paddling bratty Democrats on their collective rears. The left hollers out looking for ‘daddy’ to protect them, forgetting that they cast out Fathers long ago in exchange for the village manager.

Speed Bumps

They’re out there! And anytime you want to get somewhere fast, they’re the obstacle preventing easy passage. Resembling a Saturn or some other under powered vehicle towing the obligatory rickety trailer in the left lane during rush-hour traffic. Righteously planted and attempting to edit the behavior of other motorists by their adherence to a fossilized speed limit for; “your own good!” These speed-bumps know what’s best for you. What should you do? “Pass on the Right”.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin, being worthless to Michigan, is just such a left-lane hog. Taking lame revenge for the blocking of past Clinton judicial picks by an earlier Senate. Levin can’t get past the indignation that after years of anonymously enjoying a majority status, he’s relegated to being Harry Reid’s poodle, with few fire hydrants available. So he’s after the troops. Our guys “over-there” fighting the “War on Terror”. He’s very sly about it, but by placing a ’hold’ on the executive  nominations, he’s perpetuating that left lane traffic jam by interfering with the flow of executive traffic.

Many in left lane applaud Levin’s childish stalling tactics. The left approves any interference with White House or Republican policies. Bereft of ideas and feeling betrayed because America threw them out of office, Democrats are today’s slowpokes who will do anything to make Bush fail. Even if it means making life harder for our troops in Iraq. Why shouldn’t the muscle-car Republican majority and Executive run roughshod over the slowpokes blocking traffic? Because the left lane hogs are slowing the flow of necessary mind and material to help our troops finish the mission with procedural tactics.

The House and Senate follies of trying to timetable the outcome of the Iraq War is irresponsible as well. Some on the Right have sadly, bought into the notion that leadership is based on polling data, rather than completing the mission. Thus Levin is given leeway by self-doubting RINO’s that would normally be restricted.

The worst thing about Levin’s tactics are that they aren’t based on the best possible outcome for Iraq and elsewhere. It is merely based on getting re-elected and scoring political points. It’s cheap for Levin to infer that he knows better than the President. Levin saw the same intelligence that the President did. Like his fellow slowpokes, Levin offers NO solutions, just piles of criticism. But that’s all the slowpokes need. They don’t give a damn about history or winning the war. They just want power. And the slowpokes think rippin’ on the other guy is how you get it back.

All the while, our guys are over there, putting their lives on the line hosing down hot spots of resistance, making life better in the Middle East than it has ever been.

Levin employs these ‘stealth tactics’ and it takes a political junkie to sort it out. Conventional news reporting will never bring his pestering to light. A man with no ideas is a man dispossessed of any morality and the only explanation Levin can muster is: “Bush lied” or; “…If I had known then, what I know now”. All the while the left’s media allies and their cash-cow Move-On are telling us that this President is a dummy.

And if that’s the case. Who’s the real dummy here? How did the “dummy” put one over on the entire brain-trust of the Democrat Senate. The Plame affair, the Downing Street Memo, the lack of WMD’s are simply distractions designed to undermine the War over there and the Republican delegation at home. Hussein’s Iraq had violated dozens of other U.N. Resolutions and the only method of enforcement remaining was the disposition of Hussein himself. Levin, having voted against authorizing the America’s use of force in Iraq must have missed the part about how many of the heralded U.N. were on Saddam’s payroll. Over a decade of resolutions, decrees, pronouncements and a blizzard of meaningless paper was proffered. The slowpokes acknowledged the menace of Hussein on dozens of occasions over that time span as well, when it was convenient and safe for them to do so. But harsh rhetoric and the occasional flyover by U.S. jets was the only thing Hussein suffered. The slowpokes jammed the highway of consequence with econo-box excuses, enabling Saddam to survive.

Another sad fact is that Levin does little for Michigan either. Our state is beset with many problems. While the economy of America moves into a new higher-tech era, Levin embraces the old-time unionism, the big-brother philosophy of job-banks and extending unemployment benefits in perpetuity, rather than considering tax cuts, or abolishing fossilized regulations to help businesses. The state’s declining population and the potholes that pepper Michigan’s roads must wait while he enthusiastically plows through the wastebaskets and dumpsters of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue looking for one piece of evidence.

So while Michigan residents navigate a sea of potholes, Levin busies himself in the work of busy bodies. Not caring about history, Michigan’s failings, or a better tomorrow. Levin’s buries himself in Sanskrit, the faded papyrus of conspiratorial suppositions, tuning over rocks in hopes of finding something. Meanwhile our troops fight on, and our President, appreciative of good advice, will find little in the left lane.


I’ll be the first to admit it: I am a fair-weather fan. If you have lived in Metro Detroit for any amount of time, you know the futility of going all out to root for the Detroit Lions. We’re thrilled when they win…no doubt. We’re just as excited when they TRY to win! Detroit and the ‘Burb’s are mostly blue-collar and we love to see a good solid effort. We’re a fairly forgiving lot as well, as long as we can see an attempt to win put forth.

The Lions got close a few years back. Motivated in part by the sad career ending injury of Guard Mike Utley. The team rallied from average to great and routed many opponents only to be hit by a brick wall called the Washington Redskins. One of the many thorns in the side of the team and fans alike for many years now. The Redskins are one of the symptoms of a continuing problem the team has faced. The Lions have NO other team’s number. Any team the Lions face can beat them on any given day.

We’ve seen a revolving door of coaches, linemen, running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks. Lots of quarterbacks…too many to list, many of them average performers with a few exceptions. And then the team releases them, they go to another team and come back, beat us, and look good doing it.

Yeah, we’ve been waiting. As Lion’s fans go, correction: as football fans go, we don’t kid ourselves that this year will be: “The Year!” We’re just waiting to see a season that gets built upon the following season. Fans suffer the see-saw routine instead. And this year’s Thanksgiving game was no different. The Lions were simply outclassed by a team that was built to win. Just “Another win” on the way to the playoffs. Which the Lions and their fans have seen lots of…from other teams.

Every component of the Lions have been re-tooled or replaced except one: The Owners. The Fords have owned this team for decades and like their cars, any innovations arrive after the competition already has them. Both are unsurprising, average, and easily beaten by other teams or autos with better and newer features. Sure the Fords have the Mustang, like the Lions had Barry Sanders or Billy Sims. With lingering questions about the overall structural build quality, long term reliability has been rightfully suspect.

William Ford, you have had your chance with this team. For the sake of Lions fans and the NFL, don’t just rearrange the furniture again, find a Buyer for the team. With your record as an NFL owner, it’s obvious that you cannot compete in this league. Just sell the Lions…NOW!!!

Is This Thing On?

Is anybody really listening? To the ‘War protests’ and the proposals for Social Security, the Iraqi Governing Council’s efforts to ratify a Constitution they can call their own? Much newsprint and bandwidth has been committed to Cindy Sheehan’s hollow protest . And now we’re subject to Joan Baez’s guitar and Senator Chuck Hagel’s sentimentalizing of the waning days of the Vietnam War. Hagel, like fellow traveler John McCain’s real concerns are that they do not want to inherit a Presidency (in their dreams!) featuring an unresolved Iraq/Terror war.  The Hagelites are happy with the Bush economy, the low, low unemployment rates and the relative calm that America currently enjoys. The mainstream press hungry for dissention amongst Republicans somewhere  to disparage the President and the party’s policies have extended an ‘open-door’ policy  to these malcontent poseurs who have to defend no ideology and answer no hard questions but merely trash their party leading the press to think they’re once again making news that the Republicans are really going South…this time.

Air America, pitiful listening on its own, is finally making news. It turns out that money earmarked to benefit the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in NYC., over $800,000 for “The Children” was diverted to rich actors like Al Franken to keep the floundering “progressive” broadcast on the air. Meanwhile, Franken and his compatriots at Air (sick) America have expressed “shock” and “disbelief” upon learning the truth. Try tuning in for more details, or if you are having trouble falling asleep.

Since the Democrats have resorted to taking money wherever they can find it, they have allied themselves with commitments that will hasten their undoing. Lacking ideas born of any American tradition, Democrats are mortgaging their party’s legacy and paying leg-breaking interest on the ideas of others that pretend to support the party’s platforms and American ideals as well. The Dems are doing a fine job raising money from all the wrong people. Americans will care nothing for a political party that fails to support time honored and MORAL American ideas.


“Karl Rove spells his name with a “K”. Just like the Ku-Klux Klan! Rove hails from TEXAS, just like George W. Bush…and Halliburton!” So the mock ad on Rush Limbaugh’s show goes. It’s a funny ad because it has a ring of truth to it. Rove’s alleged leak of a CIA employees name is supposed to be the President’s “Sophomore scandal”. George W’s Iran-Contra/Monica Lewinsky and all that. Why? The media template says so. And you can’t go against a media machine even though it needs some serious house-cleaning and serious couch time at any psychiatrists office. Like their Democratic brethren, the news media is bereft of direction and too lazy to find good stories. Hence the template media, having the stars misplaced in their universe are looking in the wrong direction for a scandal to set things right.

Karl Rove has to be guilty of something, or so the Dems and the media believe! The hell with facts and proof, he’s helped Republicans gain majorities in both houses of congress and he’s Bush’s Brain!” He’s EVIL! There’s so much wrong with the premise and the schizophrenia of the opposition’s illogic that it defies replying to. It’ ‘s boring to read about, hear about, and uninteresting on television. A perpetual cacophonous din, simply unintelligible night after night, spilling into Sunday mornings.  The Democrats and the media have a HUGE credibility problem, and they’re talking about it to themselves until they’re blue (state) in the face and: “WHY ISN’T ANYBODY LISTENING?!!!!” It’s summer, TV is all re-runs, and America is at the ballgame enjoying American traditions that make them feel good.

Enjoy it while it lasts!


I disagree with the Supreme Court permitting politicians to condemn personal property to enhance the tax base. This opens the door to corruption.

I disagree that Livonia has authority to reject Wal-Mart as the developer of a defunct mall. This neighborhood did not support higher class stores.

I disagree with this questionnaire we received.

City of Farmington, Historic District Study Committee Survey:

  1. Preservation Ordinance: Improve protection of the overall character of the historic district?
  2. Eligibility for rehabilitation tax credits?
  3. Binding review by the Historical Commission of plans for exterior work to houses?

In 1964, HUD and cross district busing destroyed our lovely neighborhood in Detroit’s Marygrove area. We searched the suburbs for an affordable neighborhood to raise our four children. This big old house on Grand River was low on the salesperson’s recommendation list—it needed work and the owner was awaiting trial. We would have looked elsewhere had there been a Historical Commission overseeing our personal tastes. My wife and I enjoyed rebuilding it ourselves as our children grew up and left.

The house changed from old to historic during our tenure, but we continue to fix it up as we see fit. Tax benefits for complying with a controversial preservation ordinance come at the expense of its opponents. We do not ask for taxes lower than our neighbors, nor do we expect them to be higher. The Historical Commission’s power to determine an owner’s eligibility for rehabilitation tax credit must be used wisely, if at all.

Pete recovered some old film negatives Betty had saved. Picture technology is growing rapidly, and the ability to research the past produces great memories. When our kids were small, I instituted a 50 cent allowance to be collected Saturdays if they could take it away from me, teaching them to fight for what they get. Many years later, they revived the custom, recorded on film. I was not sorry, but it cost me 50 bucks this time.

Hurricane Katrina may be the ill wind that blows some good. America was primarily an Indian hunting ground before pioneers developed the natural resources of wood, coal and oil. Some descendants would turn back the clock, purportedly to save the planet. They protect forests, hinder coal mining and protest drilling for oil. They prohibit construction of refineries and nuclear power plants, adding to shortages. The Sierra Club halted repairs to levees, saving wetlands but flooding New Orleans. If the high cost of fuel and paying for this disaster make us angry enough to send environmentalists to happy hunting grounds, the rest of us will be able to afford our bountiful resources.

Betty upgraded her AT&T cell to Cingular. SBC now owns both services and advertises:

“Combine SBC and Cingular Wireless® Bills. Eligible MySBC customers can now combine their Cingular Wireless and SBC local services into a single monthly bill for greater convenience and potentially qualify for a monthly discount off their Cingular Wireless rate.”

It seemed simple but the salesman gave up. Emails produced rejections and offered a phone number for solutions. An agent told me everything was fine, but no payment appeared on the SBC bill. My bank statement included $76.10 withdrawn August 31 from a closed ATT account that I can no longer access. A Cingular agent explained the cell phone with Betty’s name and social security number differed from DSL and services using my name and social security number. She must check our credit record, making me angry—our phone bill has been paid on time for 57 years and the subject is how to pay. She followed up days later telling Betty our cell service would stop at midnight and we must call another number to restart it. I called the next morning explain that my wife and I have different social security numbers to agent Jamie Andrews. She restarted our cell service and confirmed with a “Transfer of service completed” from her personal email address. Paying separate bills would have been easier but automation is challenging.

Roman Candles of October

So!  What was once old, is new again. With the Harriet Miers nomination withdrawn, the press is speculating again! Lucky us! As Punditry Inc.  speculates the day of indictment for Karl Rove, Lewis Libby and Tom Delay, perhaps, the prosecutorial barking will go further up the tree-house ladder! We Must stay tuned! Should we endeavor to wade through the drivel of the mainstream media’s prognostications; “They have all the angles covered!” We are inundated with sources “inside” the White House, the Special Prosecutors Office, the office of Ronnie Earle, “sources” close to Libby, Rove, an Interstate Rest Area rumored to be frequented by Republicans, and of course, the “un-named sources” in the executive office of our loveable shrubbery. So many angles, so many news shows, so many “sources”, so many opinions. Fortunately for us in Fly-Over country we’ve got Adam Corrolla on the TLC Channel… if you do not have cable TV… you must suffer.

Republican critics are convinced the wheels have come off of the Right-Wing juggernaut. Declarations are that the mighty Republican agenda and the Bush Political machine is kaput. Democrats in all their glee and capacity are out not to police the Republican leadership, but simply jail them. Do not pass go!  A phone call to one’s attorney suffices as an admission of guilt. The Democratic Party’s plan for America? “If you’re not with us, you’re Guilty!”

Sadly, like so much of what passes for news in this world, the allegations against The Hammer will take time to verify. Since the Dems have no real proof of Delay’s guilt, other than that the “Hammer” and Republican strategists are better at diminishing Democrats’ national elective prospects. The Dems are now merely hoping to stall the Republican agenda with attempts to scandalize the political process. Proposing nothing of their own to move America along, the Democrats, the press and their leftist allies simply resort to the most cynical form of pestering and smear, hoping the electorate will hate them less.

After watching the debates between Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick and challenger Freeman Hendrix, we are unimpressed with both candidates. The Mayor, very well spoken, confident, seemingly adept of the issues and probable solutions, continually finishes fine or at least expected answers with a bite of Rockport, Converse, or Florshiem. These sole-food finishes explain why he will probably lose the election. A man so seemingly intelligent, likeable, and energetic has let others define him, failing to stand out in front of not only the good news in Detroit but the bad.

Freeman Hendrix seems like a fine person. I’ve read his web page bio, but he is dull. Trustworthy? Yeah, probably. But dull. Dull may be what Detroit needs. Simple steadfast leadership, bookishly dealing with the city’s many needs. The former Dennis Archer Executive has no bling, little fire, & nothin’ to write home about. What are all of the “investigative” wings of Detroit media outlets going to do if this guy gets elected? It’s back to the usual conniving Contractors and Nigerian Internet fleece artists. Maybe, just maybe, the City of Warren will generate some teasers for the local nightly news broadcast.

An Open Letter

Congressman and Senators,

Based on geography, and little else, YOU are my ostensible representative. I DO NOT use the word ostensible as a jest, nor with contempt. I am utilizing the term based on my perception of the representation we receive and how it relates to the State of Michigan and your sworn duty to serve Michigan’s interests in Washington D.C.

Michigan, which serves ostensibly as your ’home’, as you may have noticed, is in a condition of economic freefall. Many are leaving the state, many have taken wage cuts, been “downsized”, or simply “outsourced”. I use those gentle terms because those are the terms that seem to have pull in Washington these days. These ‘softer’ adjectives seem to be articulated most often on the Sunday News shows and throughout the media in general. They are terms and that seem to lessen the otherwise blunt forced trauma of real-life words like “FIRED”, “Out of Business”, or “Relocating the business to another state/country”.

So, I’m watchin’ the tube and I see all of these semi-legal to illegal demonstrators protesting the possibility of the federal or state governments actually enforcing the immigration laws that are in effect, (AKA: “doing the job they’ve sworn to do!”) or perhaps enact newer, supposedly “tougher” legislation to restrict the flow of ‘illegals’ into our country from Mexico & elsewhere. As I watch those here illegally sticking their illegal status in my face, I see and hear my ostensible representatives using cautious terms like: “amnesty program”, and “guest worker program”, and saying that our industries; “couldn’t survive without them”, and that “they’re doing the work that Americans won’t do”.  If that’s the case, why don’t the illegals represent me in Washington as well? Because it seems that neither of my senators, nor my congressional rep, has the United States’ or Michigan’s interests on their agenda. It appears to me that they are MORE concerned about how they appear to the people that they do not represent than those that they do.

If either Senator, or my congressman would ever ask me, their client, what I thought of all of this. I would probably say: “Why are you so concerned about a  bloc that doesn’t even legally live here? Why are you concerned about how you look to a news media that doesn’t represent me? Why do you care about how you might be perceived to some nabobs of a neighboring country? Why are you more interested in representing those folks rather than us here in Michigan? As a taxpayer in this state, I don’t give a rat’s behind about how we are perceived in France, or Mexico, or Spain. Who the hell cares if they’re disappointed when we enact legislation that ensures OUR survival. That’s part of what I thought congressional “representation” meant. Or, am I just confused?

I drive the speed limit, pay my hefty taxes, and work hard to maintain a prosperous life for myself and those I am responsible to. I am the common hardscrabble proletariat my representatives state that they are always “looking out for”. Yet I am shoved to the back of the bus because I can take care of myself? My representatives have a greater concern for those that break the law, do not pay taxes and live a lie here in the states. All the while these same illegals are enjoying all the benefits that myself and many like me subsidize. And, they send their tax-free earnings to another country’s economy. I’m the guy serving the obligations here. Don’t get me wrong. I give my time to others, I’ve even helped old ladies carry groceries to their cars. I am a grateful American! I am also pissed off at not being acknowledged for being a good citizen, while you fall all over those whom are not citizens. When it comes to appealing to some other “constituency” group, I am supposed to shut up and go back to work because I don’t “get it”, or lack some smattering of sensitivity. By all means people should come to our shores, apply for citizenship, and become American! But don’t come here and think that you can get everything the real citizens here work very hard everyday for, do it on the sly and flip me off! That’s not a matter of disrespect, that’s a declaration of War!

When it came to Elian Gonzales, Democrats came out with guns drawn to send him back. In the case of the overrunning of our Southern border, they’re couching terms. I catch them using phrases like: “un-documented” or “guest workers”. If you have no documentation to prove citizenship, or lack a visa, you’re here illegally. As far as “guest workers” go, who’s guests are they? If Democrats want to be taken seriously as a “law & order” or a “national security” party, they ought to acknowledge that laws are being broken by illegal entrants to this country to the extent that it has become a national security problem. Yet they shy away from acknowledging either issue as an illegal immigrant problem, or as a national security problem.

Democrats seem hell-bent on hanging the President on any technicality they can, and yet when it comes to blatant ‘caught on video-tape’ law-breaking,  they have one eye open.

Since my ostensible representatives don’t take me seriously. Don’t expect me to believe that any word you say, any action you take, or any cause you may support is born of some guiding principle you may claim to possess.

Onto other things: Many years ago, in a era of television far, far away, we suffered ABC,CBS, ABC,  and PBS almost exclusively for the delivery of “News” as we understood it to be. With the emergence of issue oriented Talk-Radio, and cable television news outlets, the sun has finally begun to set on the aforementioned dinosaurs of the “Old Media”. The hubbub over “the perky one”: Katie Couric moving from NBC’s; “Today Show” over to anchor the “CBS Evening News” really means nothing other than a chance for the media to once again talk about itself.

At home, Republican gubernatorial challenger Richard “Dick” DeVos has pulled even in the polls with our hapless incumbent Democrat Jennifer Granholm. If DeVos runs a half-decent campaign he should win. If he takes any media criticism to heart, he’ll lose. Granholm’s record, based on “what could’ve been” hasn’t materialized. Instead, the governor’s policy regarding Michigan’s future has been to blame the previous governor for Michigan’s failures.

George Will shall sign us off this week:

United Van Lines, a winner from Michigan’s losses, reports that last year the ratio of outbound to inbound moves was the state’s highest since 1982, when Michigan’s unemployment rate was 16.4 percent. DeVos tells audiences, “I don’t want to have to get on a plane to visit my grandchildren.” He wants them to have to go to Lansing to visit grandpa.

On the Drive

Joe Mika sends Kowalski sausage to Pat in LA with anyone going there. I worried that airport security would sniff 7 pounds of kielbasa in our luggage and arrest us for smuggling, but no guard dogs appeared and we made a clean get-a-way.

My new Garmin GPS arrived the day before we left home. Bill Kirk helped me program it for California and we drove around experimenting, knowing Marilyn & Betty expected to shop at Robinson-May Department Store. We decided to find our wives and take them to lunch, but the store was large. A salesgirl dialed Marilyn’s cell phone and informed us my rented car was blocking the garage door and they could not leave home. Their shopping trip became smaller, but Marilyn was precious and purchased baby back ribs and a lemon meringue pie for dinner. The GPS found our way around California the last two days and nagged like a back seat driver when I left the route to get gas. It never lost the way.

The Redondo Beach Dog Park is a popular meeting place. Owners engage in conversations while dogs sniff each others’ behinds. The damp lamppost near the entrance serves like a TV news channel for dogs. Posted Rules are very explicit. Dogs don’t read, but all users were well-behaved.

Cindy warned of street parking near her home. The “No parking Thursday 11 AM to 1 PM” sign concealed by leaves is a moneymaker. “No parking Wednesday” is clearly visible across the street.

Ocean swimming was great, but I had difficulty returning to shore because my left ankle felt sprained when it carried no weight for a half hour. Waves crashed me into shallow water and I hopped on the good leg until the ankle recovered.

Nissan assembled a volleyball stadium in the sand. In the past, free seats were taken early and held for friends arriving later but this time guards ordered “make room for others”. Olympic Gold Medalists Misty May and Kerri Walsh faced stiff competition but were undefeated here. Cindy noticed Misty signing autographs but I told her I’d rather get a photograph. Cindy walked up to Misty and said, “Dad, take our picture.” Misty put her arm around Cindy and smiled like the champion she is.

Brad noticed smoke while driving to the beach and discovered a bush fire spreading rapidly. He took the hose from someone watering a lawn and instigated a neighborhood hose brigade. The fire department arrived to say, “You people have things well in hand.” Brad happened to be wearing his Fire Department T-shirt that day.

The LA Times found gridlock in the Cheviot Hills suburb worse after all of their “traffic calming” efforts. Bump-outs, traffic circles, 4-way stops and speed bumps failed to discourage cars from driving through but made getting anywhere worse. Engineers claim they are out of ideas to impede traffic, but perhaps that is not the answer. Commuters prefer slow residential streets to halted freeways. “Traffic calming” restrictions are popular with voters, but have not worked since the days of Roman chariots. The world of wheels will not go back to walking. More through streets, not fewer, are required to dilute the congestion. Farmington’s expressway bypass needs entrances and exits to be useful to residents, but they complain about traffic.

Janet Mika sponsored a Hermosa trip for her 17-year-old nephew Eric and two of his friends. Surfboard lessons in the ocean were a highlight. I used Brad’s new Canon Digital Rebel camera to photograph the boys facing waves and the rapid repeat feature caught the actions after. That camera is so fast I caught Misty May in the air during her volleyball contest.

Back home, I am programming the GPS with Michigan maps on a different CompactFlash card. House numbers are close but not exact. Parked in our side drive, the number 33967 appears but our front door shows 34011. There is a similar disparity driving down streets, but when I touched “Home” a voice said, “The distance is 6,956 miles”. Originally this was tested at a factory in the Orient and I finally learned how to delete those settings. I want to simplify Betty finding her way California, but I am not yet proficient enough to teach her. This tells streets, numbers, where to turn and what the signs read when you do. It sets on a bean bag and plugs into any cigarette lighter. It is a fascinating toy.

I’m Not There

Allegedly all over the country the illegal inhabitants are making their presence felt by “not being there”. And that’s the problem, they aren’t here as citizens. They’re here as invaders. They pick the fruits of America, they take the pay, they cull the ’free’ healthcare, they like the fact that they can go about their illegal business and not be accosted by the ‘federales’, or harassed by the local law enforcement who by choice, ignorance, or because of an idiotic city council proclamation, have decreed that police not report illegals to the INS for deportation.

The illegals and their support group networks are out to “teach us a lesson” about how “indispensable” they are to the American economy. Many callers to talk radio shows were delighted at not having the roads and waiting lines clogged around town. The “walk-out” allowed the LEGALLY employed to get to work and commerce quickly. Using less gas was an added benefit.

Build the wall, deport them where you find them, pay the Minutemen, arrest the illegals and punish them when they break the law. The illegals pay us no compliment by “coming here” when they remain shadow citizens. They escape the horrid situations in their home countries and the by-product they end up importing here is their indifference to law and order by living a lie here. How this kind of behavior is “beneficial” to America escapes me.

Politicians and their idiotic policies are responsible for the gas prices being what they are. These same politicians benefiting from a lackluster public education that fails to teach economics to kids and adults simply blame “Big Oil” for the record high “crude” prices. “Big Government” is the biggest impediment to energy independence. Big Oil is NOT allowed to explore or drill in our precious ANWR. A desolate arctic place few have ever been to. Big Oil is NOT allowed to explore or drill in the waters off of Florida. But Cuba is getting help from the Chinese to just that. Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy (D), won’t allow those precious “clean-energy” generating windmills to dot the seascape of his precious inherited Cape Cod estate.  So let’s just haul the execs’ of “Big Oil” up to Capitol Hill for another go-around with the blowhards promising us folks at home a$100.00 to shut up and suffer their reckless energy policies.

Everyone hates paying the Saudis, Iran,  or Hugo Chavez big buck$ for oil. The politicians in Washington and in state capitals around the country blame everybody else for the price while denying the public they care so much about an alternative supply chain. We here at the ‘Blog acknowledge that drilling in ANWR and in the Gulf of Florida WILL NOT bring the price down to a pre-9/11 level, or make America any more “energy independent” from oil than we are now. But it is a better National Security strategy than allowing the oil-producing countries that we have the tenuous relationships with to be such a large part of our economic picture.

Our hero Rush Limbaugh has finally been released from over-zealous prosecution in Florida. Rush admitted to his vast radio audience and submitted himself 2 1/2 years ago to treatment for an addiction to painkillers. At the time, the legal beagles of Palm Beach County claimed at least “10 felonies” against Limbaugh. Stating that he had possession of over “2,000 painkillers” and was “laundering money”. In the end it turns out that Limbaugh had possessed at the most, around “40 painkillers”. Hardly a drug operation, but maybe a decent weekend. In the end, Rush plead “not guilty”, paid court costs for being “Right almost 100% of the time” and the Palm Beach  DA drops the charge that is eventually expunged from Rush’s “record” if he continues treatment. Meanwhile those illegal aliens are everywhere going about their shadowy ways, seemingly evading detection, capture or deportation. How do they do it?

Elsewhere the dinosaur media is rallying around Mary McCarthy, the fired CIA employee whom leaked to the Washington Post the story of a “safe-house” prison system that the CIA was managing in foreign countries for the detention and interrogation of nasty Al-Qaeda and other terrorist types. The story won the Washington Post a “Pulitzer Prize”. And they don’t want to tarnish that award with any allegations of irresponsible reporting on their paper’s part. Hopefully the CIA is asking the Justice Department to aggressively prosecute the offender. Since she’s a Clinton appointee, she gets the same immunity from the press scrutiny that an illegal alien enjoys while garnishing the saintly praise of a Joe Wilson. We all know that only Right-leaning Conservatives are targets of prosecution. Ask Delay, Libby or Limbaugh.

Wrecking National Security is the name of the game for Democrats and their media allies. Will they suffer at the polls, or do Americans like having our intelligence networks compromised by these fools? Or, is American Idol on?

It’s early May, there’s too much politics of convenience and too little of conviction. Spawning perhaps political fatigue as much as disdain for the ‘inside the beltway’ crowd whom would rather phone it in than crack heads and exercise their political muscle. Why is it so difficult for those with the winning argument to fight those that have nothing? Or is it easier to “go along to get along?” But with the disparaging comments and parliamentary tactics employed by House and Senate Democrats, whose “getting along”  with whom here? If Republican voters are upset with anything, it’s the squandered opportunities Republicans continue to produce.

Republican voters nationally now know what it’s like to be a Detroit Lions fan locally.

And finally for those of you sticking around Michigan: You can find info on those old friends who have left the state here.

“Michigan citizens are voting with their feet,” said Michael LaFaive, the Center’s director of fiscal policy. “These votes are the ones that really count, even if the state continues to churn out press releases claiming Michigan is a great business location.”

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