In a rare display of Republican muscle, Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter actually yelled at a Democrat who deserved it. Reporters rushed to camera’s everywhere shoving a ’shocked’ Charles ‘Chucky’ Schumer out of the screen.

Rare fireworks came about last week when Democrats displayed that they are the dull knives in the drawer at confirmation hearings where they were simply outclassed by the nominee. What made it all the more fun to watch was that the Dems weren’t thwarted by tactics, legislative procedures, or any political chicanery. They were beaten badly because they had no idea what kind of legal mind they were up against. And it showed again and again thru-out the week! The Republican members of the Judiciary Committee didn’t even need to show up. Supreme Court heir apparent Samuel Alito was bored with the lame attempts to rattle his psyche or challenge his fertile legal mind.

Schumer, Kennedy, Leahy, and Feingold’s lame attempts Tuesday to challenge the Supreme Court nominee on legal matters (abortion) were chastened by both their money-men and the mainstream press for not being “tough enough” on Alito. So they came back Wednesday asking dumber questions with meaner faces, but still failed to mar Alito’s unassailable character. The Dems ended up being insulting and asked few pertinent questions on matters of Constitutional law. The sour display grew difficult to watch, but was hardest on Mrs. Alito who left the committee room as Republican Lindsey Graham asked a dumb question himself just to end the ridiculous display. Graham then apologized for the lousy treatment put upon her husband and family by ‘cranky’ committee members.

All the Democrats care about is preserving legalized abortion. It’s the only issue they are willing to defend. And they don’t even defend it that well. Democrats simply default to past rulings of questionable veracity that merely kicked the can down the road. Rarely, if ever have they cited libertarian reasoning why abortion is a good thing. The argument has not been made in such a fashion that we can believe them, or that has been convincingly accepted by the populace at large. They forsake the electorate when it comes to pertinent issues like: National Security, economic development, Social Security, the nation’s debt, or immigration. Their Pavlovian ire is aroused only when the right of baby-killing is threatened. Dick Morris couldn’t be more wrong about Republicans having nothing to campaign on…but will they?

GI’s play better songs than bitter Democrats: Reps Jim Moran and perpetual sourpuss & ’decorated veteran’ John Murtha’s “low morale town hall meeting” in Arlington VA, got a dose of; “Good time Rock ‘n’ Roll” from Sgt. Mark Seavey when the Afghanistan veteran informed the grumps that: “I don’t know who you two are talking to but the morale of the troops is very high.” Murtha and Moran not knowing how to process good news from a living breathing veteran went ‘blue-screen’, slowly rebooted in ‘safe’ mode but failed to come back online.

WDET disappoints big time: The East Coast yaks (NPR), having taken over the daytime lineup of Detroit’s only independent radio station a few weeks ago are playin’ the same old rag and it isn’t music. I fail to see how the management at ‘DET can say DNC talking points 24/7 are an improvement over free-form music programming by former locals. Where’s the ‘balance’ that Public Radio ostensibly offers? Tune in anytime during the day and be subject to a continuing lament of the Bush Administration and all things Republican. Dour ‘Progressive Radio’ has been a failure on the left side of the AM dial in Detroit. We predict the music will be back once the level of donator dollars falls even further than they were prior to the changes. The sad part: It will take them a while to admit it and change back.


The City is going to ‘cut taxes”…Sort of. Some Detroit neighborhoods have been targeted as: Neighborhood Enterprise Zones. The City’s chosen few already enjoy immediate response from Police, Fire and EMS. Nibbling around the edges of the stifling property taxes will help homeowners in the short run. But a gimmick is still a gimmick. The City’s fiscal woes run deep, and they need long term tax relief and small business development based on a real plan to grow the cities’ populace and revenues. We’re applauding with one hand. It’s even obvious to the political collective of Detroit that Tax Cuts Work! Why can’t politicians grasp this fact and legislate real long term tax relief for all citizens and businesses statewide?


Gee, why have movie revenues been declining so badly? One can venture a guess, or we could spend pages on analysis. In the old days of Hollywood Westerns, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood played Cowboys. These guys are merely Sheepherders. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


The Loser Al-Gore said a bunch of stuff, reviewable here. He served in Vietnam too,  y’know?

How far the Mighty have fallen

How far the Mighty have fallen. They were once champions, secure, marching unshakably confident regardless of the issue they campaigned on,  their control absolute. From the boroughs of the inner cities to the western gateway of Council Bluffs, these cigar chompin’, arm twistin’ political animals roamed the state houses of the great plains and hallowed congressional halls. Unabashedly running roughshod over any competing ideas without consequence. They munched superior cud and took little notice at the changing ecology of their environment. Once in a while, a rouge would stray in and dominate their herd, but never really change the biology. And being immune to any competing species, they killed off enemies with a smile and favorably edited sound bites from compliant allies.

But change the ecology has, and now this dominating beast is fighting for survival. Their demise didn’t come about all at once. The warnings have been noticeable on the horizon for over a decade.  Choosing instead to plod along ignorant rather than face the reality of competition from other species, the beast is now wounded, faltering, and full of rage, not even acknowledging its predicament. We’ve seen their kind before, and the research is in, the Democrats are the new dinosaurs.

“Pick a fight with Tom Delay, and you pick a fight with all of us”. Was the rallying cry at a dinner to honor the GOP House Speaker last night. A fight started by Delay’s enemies made all the more difficult because a credible, competitive media has found no story. The accusing beast facing certain extinction gets little nourishment these days trying to feed off of its usual enemies, resulting in a madness that has preceded its malnutrition of ideas. Democrats are hoping for the other guy to screw up, having nothing else to offer but hope.

CBS has once again proven its inability to deal credibly with the public. Special Prosecutor Ken Starr was interviewed regarding the Senate “Nuclear (Constitutional) Option”. CBS decided it would try one last time to see if it could pull some wool by chopping the interview to misconstrue Starr’s support of the Republican Senate’s right to change the chamber’s rules. Starr sent a letter to the media the day after the interview once he realized he still can’t trust the Dinosaurs.

In spite of being offered a stick to beat the Detroit City Council, floundering Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, sleeping off a  Moet moment,  fumbled through an interview on WJR about the lack of fire fighting support for some early morning blazes in neighboring Highland Park. Kilpatrick was ad-libbing poorly, talking much, but meaning little. Detroit Public Schools has taken to hiring from within, the City’s headhunters failing on the national search for a consultant to improve parental involvement in the schools.

We here at the ‘Blog are still on the lookout for Governor Granholm. It’s been weeks since she’s really had anything to say about the state of the state. Unemployment has been higher than the national average, the state’s population is in decline, the schools, roads, and any other responsibility the state has taken on in is “crisis”. The Dinosaurs, aren’t looking for answers anymore, the irreligious left is ironically now looking for miracles. The Crisis continues…

Looking Forward

In the coming year, we are looking to focus a bit more on certain articles and issues rather than provide a total observation of political events. I have not taken this site as seriously as some other news/commentary blogs. Many like Powerline, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin and Hugh Hewitt all specialize and have a journalistic-broadcasting-legal background that I do not have. I am pajama-clad ranter and am proud of it. Still, there’s plenty to comment about here in Michigan, and through-out America.

Many other Michigan websites are collections of dozens of articles linked from many news organizations and supply commentary of events that I choose not to. While I want to supply you with a place to visit and check up on, I am not going to over-load this site with all the news. That takes much time to maintain and keep current. This site has to be fun for me, not laborious. As I progress through building the ‘blog’, I will add features to invite the public…pro-or-con in to comment if you’d like. I have spent a lot of time scouring Google looking for Detroit or suburban blogs only to find abandoned websites and commentaries, many are months, if not years old. E-Mails I have sent out go unanswered.

This is the hourly-wage earners site for front porch sittin’, Pabst-Blue Ribbon observations. I read the paper, peruse the ’net and post the first thing that comes to mind. The blogosphere is filled with many high-brow and well reasoned opinions that I appreciate and refer to for inspiration, motivation and analysis.  That’s their specialty, May God Bless them all.

The US Senate is my favorite bash-boy of late. A convoluted mess of fractious malcontents thinking they can be president. The Senate hates to be compared to the House of Representatives. Which Senators consider to be a reactionary, hyper, and bitterly partisan collective. The Senate likes to think of itself as the professorial chamber of thoughtful and historically reasoned debate. A thinker’s think tank. In reality, they indulge the same deal making, sell-out, horse-trading political skullduggery as much, if not more than the House. Perhaps, they just wear nicer suits while doing it.

Our own crop of Senators: Stabenow and Levin are masters of stealth representation. We hear little and see nothing of them. But they are as bitterly partisan as they come. I refer often to Carl Levin’s dumpster diving’ in back of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue trying to ‘get Bush’. While he gleefully clogs up the administration’s executive desires, we here in Michigan watch factories and friends leave the state. Playing dodge-’em in our cars with the potholed roads, and wonder why we send so much money to Washington, and get busy-work Sanskrit from Levin in return. ‘Debbie’ Stabenow; is herself simply invisible. Showing up occasionally behind Levin or minority leader Harry Reid at press conferences. She’s adapted to being an anonymous junior player in her party. Her specialty seems to be attaching her name to others’ legislation. We wonder what benefit to Michigan does she serve? Stabenow is seemingly forever stuck as a ‘vulnerable’ candidate lacking any positions that are not first cleared with the party’s elite. Both senators serve interests elsewhere, leaving Michigan’s interests to the House constituency, in which we fare no better.

If you have not grasped it by now; The Motown Blog is a Right-Leaning web-log. Definitely classifiable as more Conservative than Liberal.  In an earlier age I was loyally voting Democrat. So in typical “born again” fashion, I proselytize here at great expense to myself for your benefit. And despite the political leanings here, I am not above realizing the schizophrenia that occasionally comes with the territory.

Check out contributor Hank Borgman who regularly sends me Hank Notes. Another long-time Michigan resident with astute observations on the many things Michigan.

A FOOTNOTE: I have cleaned out many pages of the ‘Blog because it got too heavy to publish and manage. Everything is archived and retrievable, but these days few care anyway. Most folks hunger for the “here and now” and few reminisce about “what was”.

Progressive Radio

Not Exactly

First off… Conservatism isn’t the only answer in this Constitutionally Limited Republic. But neither is Progressivism cloaked as modern Liberalism. A strict interpretation of THE U.S. CONSTITUTION would suffice.

“Progressive” in this case is modern liberalism that has taken over the Democrat Party that now has a handle on AM Radio. I have spent a few weeks listening in since I was informed that the “Progressives” have been allotted “equal time” in the Metro-Detroit AM Talk-Radio arena.

The First Amendment allows for such things because free speech is revealing. Unfortunately, “progressives” are revealing very little about what they are about. Throughout the day I can figure out what they are against, that’s easy. I am against slowpokes in the left lane, as are many. But to make Progressive AM Talk Radio interesting, ideas are needed here. And the Progressives are simply reacting to (in this case) Conservative ideas.

Conservative ideas like Social Security Reform, Tax Reform, the “Ownership Society”, The “War”, the “Spread of Freedom”, all things that the current President espouses. I’m all for “ownership” of most everything I earn. It’s a tough world out there, and the last thing I need are more takers taking what little I have left after their “Ideas” have gotten a hold of my earnings.

But the Progressives are trying, and their broadcasts are premised in part on an assumption that their guy won the last election (really?), but it was again stolen by George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and for the heck of it, let’s throw in Halliburton. Sorry dudes, but if Democrat Christine Gregoire can win a Governor’s race in Washington State under dubious circumstances by 130 some-odd votes. Then Bush can win by 537, and 3+ million respectively. That’s the reality, no matter how the Progressives attempt to re-paint the picture. Which brings us to “Progressive Radio” and their daily broadcasts locally here.

Like I said, I’m trying to listen in, really. And the progressive hosts don’t make it easy.  I know what they are saying, (see paragraphs 3 & 4) but the message isn’t attractive, it isn’t anything new, and the presentation is dull. Even the commercials lack that usual flash of excitement surrounding typical product promotion.

The parsing of sound-bites by Rice, Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney et al. to make their points is nothing new either. I can see that any night of the week on CBS, NBC, or ABC, etc. Saying that those folks lied, and then not proving it doesn’t go anywhere. Most conservative hosts have callers on their shows to  disagree with them. I have yet to hear these “progressives” take calls to the contrary. The guests offered up on these shows are also boring. Talking about their books, or articles that we have to hack away on Google to find. The last election cycle lasted 10 months, and through all that, we never learned from these guys what THE PLAN was! But now, they can explain it?

Air America is the most publicly known of the Progressive’s radio line up. The show features the former Saturday Night Live comedian Al Franken, plus a few sidekicks. Franken’s show consists of a few hours of rambling commentaries on how Republicans have it all wrong. But how are they wrong? Why? There’s an arid composition to this format and content. As if it’s meant to be dull because after all it’s: “Talk Radio”. “Just the facts M’am”. Unlike real entertainment with music, sound effects, and other flashy stuff. The listener needs something besides the Progressive’s version of the facts. The best teachers in the world make their subject interesting through being provocative…creatively. Progressive radio as it is today in Detroit on 1310AM is the insomniac’s Sominex for its total lack of energy or excitement. Like the excitement an idea gives you. There’s a certain joy in an idea that sets you free and lets you work knowing that there is sound reason behind your motivations and that you can…will be better at anything you want to do.

All that the Progressive’s are doing is pointing fingers. One can easily fill up 3-hour segments with what they find “wrong”. They’ve felt left out until now, and now that they have their chance, they have nothing original to say. There’s no humor, there’s no joy, and there’s nothing compelling going on here. One is easily convinced from listening that these hosts are doing this through some form of obligation, rather than a joy or a desire to be broadcasters. A high-school student doing cable-TV’s Public Access Friday Night Football commentary exhibits more enthusiasm than this lineup. The Progressive’s are mad, outraged, and it pains them to tell us so. And Remember: AMERICA SUCKS!

Another angle Progressive’s are working from is this: Simply wait for their opponents to screw up. Then they’ll have something to talk about. Just like commentators at an Olympic Figure Skating event, they’re waiting for someone to fall, so they can say how they would have done it better. Enjoying the added benefit of slow motion replay.

Former Tiger pitching great Denny Mclain (between stints in jail) used to have a radio show here in Detroit. I never disagreed with a host more than McClain, but his show moved along, and he kept it interesting, and reported news. He may have been a convict, but he also knew how to keep people listening. He let callers have their say, pro or con, and he didn’t insult anybody who disagreed with him. His most intense conversations were with co-host Eli Zaret. Those two went at it regularly.

Talk Radio is not a one sided conversation. It is a dialogue between the hosts and the listeners. And unlike watching television, the listener is thinking about what the host is saying more than anything else. The listener is digesting the logic of the host’s dialogue and their interactions with callers looking for nuggets of wisdom that correspond with the listener’s  values. The problem with Progressive Radio: It’s arguing on the Conservative’s Premise of how things should be. And the ironic thing about Progressive Radio is the same thing these “Progressives” or Liberals have been saying about Conservatives for years, even decades: If you’re a Republican, and you listen to “right-wing” talk radio, you are a dummy.

It Goes Way Back

Detroit had problems long before Engler, Limbaugh or Kilpatrick arrived on the scene. Electing political leaders that take advantage of race differences must stop. Cross-District busing destroyed our school system and endangered our children when we lived in the racially mixed Marygrove area. HUD moved criminal elements into formerly unlocked homes and no one was safe anymore. Property values dropped faster than suburban prices increased. We remained until 1964, but the first to flee suffered the least.

Coleman Young was elected to end STRESS, the police decoy program that happened to capture mostly blacks. Crack addict Malice Green became a martyr and the white police officers enforcing the law went to prison. A smart cop will look away because criminals are often untouchable. Industry hesitates to move into a city that taxes even the incomes of employees living elsewhere, and preferential hiring and “living wages” discourage the likelihood of making a profit. Government does not create jobs, but it certainly destroys them.

For 8 years I have emailed “blind copy” newsletters, and my list is currently 82 long. AOL sleuths deduced my computer might have a virus because 22 AOL members received something from me in a short time. Subsequent emails sent to AOL friends were rejected because “address had permanent fatal errors.” I assumed the recipients had problems until I learned they received from everyone but me. Examining “service unavailable” more closely, I realized that AOL blocked me even from AOL website solvers. AOL phone “experts” could not talk to me because I was not an AOL member. Some suggested I solve my problem by signing on but I was recommending my friends sign off. Fifteen calls to AOL confirmed their employees had no authority to remove the block. They repeated I must go to my ISP provider, but my SBC troubleshooters said, “We are not blocking you. AOL is”. Three days later my email was cleared. I understand why AOL lost a half million customers in the last quarter.

Brad came for the weekend and Cindy snuck in with him. She was not an illegal alien—she just wanted to surprise everyone. Brad rebuilt my Ford brakes and trimmed the yard to Betty’s specifications. Then he announced a 6 month tour including London, Nice, Italy, Egypt, the Nile, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Namibia, Durban, Victoria Falls, Sydney, Auckland, Great Barrier Reef, Buenos Aires, and Rio de Janeiro. Brad will then be 50 yrs old and prepared to change his lifestyle, again.

Brad once left a good (but not challenging) job at Ford Tractor to return to Michigan State University. Ford Tractor soon went out of business.

Brad was teaching engineering when Sunkist recruited him. He developed orange related patents and became chief engineer of R&D before moving on to Disney.

Brad helped develop thrill rides for Disney World in Florida but declined their Paris venture. Paris became a money loser.

When Disney cut back, Brad sold his home to tour America in his van for 11 months. He returned as an independent consultant with Universal Studios, then Sony and others. Brad has camped with corporation presidents, dined with astronauts and tackled problems from the Berlin Wall to Tokyo.

The ride industry is slow now and he can enjoy some great adventures before starting up his next career—he has done it before.

My toe was healing but I had difficulty keeping a bandage in place under shoes and socks. The adhesive slipped and opened the wound repeatedly. I declared it well enough and stopped covering it. Infection set in and Dr. Kaner asked, “Which one of us is the doctor?” I purchased better Band-Aids from him, better adhesive tape from the drug store and followed instructions. Improvement continues uninterrupted, and I will return to OCC for exercise and swimming soon—if the doctor says so.

Change the Tune

John Murtha (D-PA) used to sing a different tune. His classic recordings had a quality to it that is definitely more listenable than his newer stuff. Like the timeless character of Motown itself when heard in contrast to today’s version of Rhythm & Blues. The syrupy similarity of the R & B music produced nationwide these days doesn’t in any way approach the quality, character and diversity of the recordings that was produced in one Detroit Basement.

But it’s Murtha’s latest tunes that get all the airplay, formulaic as they are. It quickly grows tiresome with the endless rotation on every station on the airwaves. John’s old stuff, poorly recorded on scratchy old hardware still reveals more of the true Murtha than the digital revolution’s absolute cleanliness does today. Perhaps it’s fatigue from the countless over-dubs, “second takes”, or perhaps he’s simply suffering from overproduction which  befalls many of today’s recording artists. We here at the ’Blog thank columnist Robert Novak for reminding us how great those classic recordings are.

Al-Jazzera subsidy, The New York Times has once again cautioned terrorist organizations that they are being monitored. The Times’ Editors suggest the  “public’s right to know” is a good enough reason for them to run the story. It was just scant months ago that this same stinkin’ commie rag was rippin’ the Administration for failing to “Connect the dots”. So ’Shrub & Co start a ’dot collection program’ and the ’Times rats it out.  The fact that the program is out of the scope of Constitutional purview doesn’t seem to make a difference with Times Editors who also let terror types know that the NSA was  monitoring overseas phone calls. We here at ‘The Blog are going to make a concerted effort to ’source’ our news and editorial commentaries from other sources.

Tenured Professor of Fraudulent Practices at the University of Colorado got the bum’s rush from colleagues Monday afternoon. Ward Churchill, famous for fraudulently portraying himself as a “native-American”, a “professor” and a “learned-man” was fired by Interim Chancellor Phil DiStefano after the recommendation was handed down by a panel of Churchill’s peers assembled by University Regents to look into the matter. Churchill got himself into trouble when he penned an article in which he referred to victims of the 9/11 Trade Center attacks as: “Little Eichmanns”. A very patient college stood by Churchill on several occasions citing his trash-talking papers and speeches as protected by the “1st Amendment”. Ward’s big mouth simply got others curious and after a little digging, it turned out that Churchill lied not only about his “Native American” heritage, but much of his research was either plagiarized, or  bunk BS to maintain his tenure at the University. A note to New York Times reporters looking for news to fill your pages: A Google search for this story turned up few sources: and the Hawaii Reporter.

It’s a relief that at least one crappy “professor” in higher education is getting the boot. Considering the big bucks that parents (and taxpayers) cough up to send their kids to these ostensible institutions of “higher learning”, one faintly hopes that tenure requirements will now be examined for content rather than page count.

Anyone recall the mainstream-media cacophony after the Corpus-Christi Times scooped them with the story of VP Dick Cheney’s accidental shooting? The press speculation that followed was of how “news” organizations were “shut-out” signaling a “cover-up?” Instead of the “village” media focusing it’s ostensible “investigative” lens at the fraud Ward Churchill was perpetrating  upon the nation’s “children” the press would rather help Al-Qaeda cells avoid detection by the CIA, NSA, and the FBI.

If candidates for Public Office could be as forth-right and honest as North Carolina’s Vernon Robinson we’d all look forward to campaign season with much more enthusiasm and zeal.

Back home here in Michissippi, unemployment and real estate foreclosures are the state’s number one products. Dem Governor Jennifer Granholm’s taking a beating in the polls  from gubernatorial challenger GOP candidate to be, Dick DeVos. Granholm so far has remained silent, and the Freep and News are both encouraging her to get into this fight. Considering that both newspapers have kicked dozens of their own to the curb during Granholm’s never ending  “downsizing of Michigan” campaign, you’d think they would be hopeful on the future. This poll shows that while Granholm’s negatives are high, those polled blame Bush and former Gov. John Engler for Michigan’s plight. With unemployment here at almost 8%, it was probably an afternoon’s work for ”Strategic Vision” to find 1800 Michigan residents available to talk about the state’s plight.

Last but not least: The GOP US Senate race in Michigan has a pulse! The primary battle will feature the Reverend Keith Butler squaring off against Jerry Zandstra, and late comer Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. In the eyes of the media, Bouchard is the one to beat. He distances himself from both Butler and Zandstra in name recognition, being that Oakland County Sheriff is a fairly high profile occupation that gets him a few law enforcement news stories each month. The state GOP, fearing a collapse from Butler and getting only a faint pulse from the Zandstra campaign, pulled Bouchard from his hospital bed in an attempt to bump out the weak and caustic Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow has made a name for herself in Washington as the: “Senator most likely to hold the door for other Senators”. Stabenow is as invisible as Jennifer Granholm’s economic plan and has been less than helpful in getting Michigan’s name mentioned even by the hotdog vendors outside Capitol Hill. Her Democrat partner Carl Levin was last seen dumpster diving outside the White House failing not only to find documents implicating the Bush Administration in something bad, but failing to find his map of Michigan as well.

We here at ‘The Blog’ like both Bouchard and Butler. We like Butler’s unequivocal moral conviction. Butler also displays a passion and certainty for conservative positions that don’t sound practiced but come to him naturally. Bouchard on the other hand, has name recognition, solid relationships with the GOP political machine, and being Sheriff bolsters the GOP’s image in the “Law & Order” department. Bouchard still has to tell us why he wants the job.

Exports and Imports

It is recorded history that a patriarch of the Krupp family enjoyed the smell of cow manure so much that he had it trucked in to the residential grounds of the Gussstahlfabrik located in Essen Germany.

With precious few weeks to dissect the US Senate’s version of “Immigration Reform”, we see that the legacy of Krupp has posited itself in the halls of that ‘august’ body. The Senate bill is in dire straits prior to heading into a conference committee with the House because of a fundamental Constitutional error. All legislation that involves spending or the creation of taxing policy begins in the Ways & Means Committee of the House of Representatives. The US Senate, trying to contain the skunk within a perfumed bag, offered to simply repackage this arcane, complex, and constricting legislation as a simple “amendment”  attaching the bill to the Houses’ version of immigration reform, “…all done!”

Considering that the Senate can overlook something so fundamental as whether or not this massive double-stuffed burrito of a bill was even constitutional leaves even the newly minted political junkie to wonder: “What the hell else is in that thing?!”

With a measly 4.6% unemployment rate, CBS News now mourns for that last 5% to score decent employment. During the Clinton years when economic growth was less substantial and unemployment was higher, the same media wouldn’t shut up about the “booming” economy “lifting all boats”. The article tries to toss the wet blanket: On the other hand, the unemployment rate dropped a notch from 4.7 percent in April to 4.6 percent in May, the lowest since July 2001.  From the headline, one would assume a recession, but the info in the article tells another tale: Second-quarter growth should be around a 3 percent to 3.5 percent pace; that would still be decent but would mark a deceleration from the brisk 5.3 percent pace logged in the first quarter of this year. Geez, if it’s this bad, we won’t need any stinkin’ immigration reform, because the illegals will head home to Mexico where things aren’t so bad. Soon we’ll be reading hardship stories about overworked US Border guards logging lots of overtime hours managing all the traffic moving south. Maybe the mainstream press is feeling the economic pinch they created for themselves by forsaking “America” in favor of its steady drumbeat of “…warts and all” stories. This same media turning over any rock in America to disparage the Bush administration also attack big business in the hopes of “talking down” the economy.  Unless of course it’s Toyota, which is a “nice” Big Business.

Disgruntled John Murtha, like The Red Hot Chili Peppers keep making the same record over and over again. Now it’s the overworked, demoralized, and frenzied Marines shooting up the Iraqi community of Haditha. Apparently losing it over an IED that killed a fellow Marine, GI’s turned their guns on women, kids, and Democrats looking for absentee voters overseas. Michele Malkin, has a chronology of the media accounts. But all is not necessarily as it seems in Haditha. The mainstream press, while heartlessly throwing hungry journalists on the street missed the hundreds of mass graves filled with innocent Iraqi’s murdered at the command of Saddam. The US Marines are a better target, because their command structure eventually leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hey Man…Nice Shot!

Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi punk of Iraq is dead. Al-Qaeda’s ostensible leader in Iraq has met a timely and deserved death. Yup, kaput, finished. Done in by our boys’ superb sense of timing, intelligence, and good old American know-how. Bustin’ a cap in Zarqawi’s ass has been met with much derision by many on the left as merely another attempt to “help the President’s sagging poll numbers”. Others have remarked that President Bush let Zarqawi survive to bolster the argument for “going into Iraq in the first place”. We were told by the same apologists for the world’s dictators that there was “no connection” between Al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, and Iraq. We’ll let the lefties get their argument properly constructed and then we’ll deconstruct it. In all this cacophony, little compassion was ever expressed by the left for Zarqawi’s or Saddam’s victims. Months ago, this same constituency of leftist know-it-alls were complaining that: “we haven’t captured Zarqawi or Bin-Laden. We here at the ‘Blog aren’t complaining; every little bit helps.

Democrats, lacking credibility on any issues crucial to American growth and prosperity, have resorted to throwing fecal matter. It may have seemed funny at the time. But Republicans should ask themselves: Why are they afraid campaigning against such juveniles? Juveniles flinging poo through mail slots? And why on earth are many Republicans moderating their legislative positions with such juveniles? These losers can be so easily defeated by merely expressing conservative ideas to actual voters. Democrats nationwide are reacting with similar emotional and collegiate tribulations of boos, hisses, like children disrupting anybody who doesn’t tow their ideological line. We’ve defined our political opponents as: “Liberals”. But they lack all notions of any libertine ideal except being; illiberal.

Gubernatorial wanna-be Dick DeVos (R) has pulled ahead of lackluster incumbent Jennifer Granholm (D). According to Granholm supporters, the reason is because DeVos has “spent money” on commercials promoting his name throughout a state that does not know his name too well…that makes sense. Granholm should take note: After 4 years under her “leadership”, Michigan’s economy still stinks. The state is still losing more people than it’s gaining. Unemployment here is 2nd highest in the nation. Michigan’s real estate values have declined as much as 10% in the last 2 years, property foreclosures have reached record numbers, and there is little, if any announcements of businesses locating here and bringing jobs with them. These are themes all hammered home in the DeVos commercials, and uneasy residents are nodding their heads in agreement at the ring of truth the ads offer. ‘Jenny’ can argue the “little details” of Michigan’s economy that don’t affect the average Joe’s bottom line. The state is in a downward spiral, and we don’t need “facts and statistics” to know we’re in trouble. Granholm has had 4 years to propose, debate and implement any policies to get the state moving forward, and she has offered nothing but rhetoric, blaming either former Governor John Engler or the Bush Administration for the state’s troubles. Many states didn’t go the President’s way in the last election and their economies are better than ours.

Lastly, Bush advisor Dr. Evil AKA: Karl Rove is off the hook. “Special Prosecutor” Peter Fitzgerald has so stated. After 5 grand jury appearances, copious hours of media speculation, pronouncements from Democrats that “he’s a goner”, Rove is back at Bush’s right hand paddling bratty Democrats on their collective rears. The left hollers out looking for ‘daddy’ to protect them, forgetting that they cast out Fathers long ago in exchange for the village manager.

Speed Bumps

They’re out there! And anytime you want to get somewhere fast, they’re the obstacle preventing easy passage. Resembling a Saturn or some other under powered vehicle towing the obligatory rickety trailer in the left lane during rush-hour traffic. Righteously planted and attempting to edit the behavior of other motorists by their adherence to a fossilized speed limit for; “your own good!” These speed-bumps know what’s best for you. What should you do? “Pass on the Right”.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin, being worthless to Michigan, is just such a left-lane hog. Taking lame revenge for the blocking of past Clinton judicial picks by an earlier Senate. Levin can’t get past the indignation that after years of anonymously enjoying a majority status, he’s relegated to being Harry Reid’s poodle, with few fire hydrants available. So he’s after the troops. Our guys “over-there” fighting the “War on Terror”. He’s very sly about it, but by placing a ’hold’ on the executive  nominations, he’s perpetuating that left lane traffic jam by interfering with the flow of executive traffic.

Many in left lane applaud Levin’s childish stalling tactics. The left approves any interference with White House or Republican policies. Bereft of ideas and feeling betrayed because America threw them out of office, Democrats are today’s slowpokes who will do anything to make Bush fail. Even if it means making life harder for our troops in Iraq. Why shouldn’t the muscle-car Republican majority and Executive run roughshod over the slowpokes blocking traffic? Because the left lane hogs are slowing the flow of necessary mind and material to help our troops finish the mission with procedural tactics.

The House and Senate follies of trying to timetable the outcome of the Iraq War is irresponsible as well. Some on the Right have sadly, bought into the notion that leadership is based on polling data, rather than completing the mission. Thus Levin is given leeway by self-doubting RINO’s that would normally be restricted.

The worst thing about Levin’s tactics are that they aren’t based on the best possible outcome for Iraq and elsewhere. It is merely based on getting re-elected and scoring political points. It’s cheap for Levin to infer that he knows better than the President. Levin saw the same intelligence that the President did. Like his fellow slowpokes, Levin offers NO solutions, just piles of criticism. But that’s all the slowpokes need. They don’t give a damn about history or winning the war. They just want power. And the slowpokes think rippin’ on the other guy is how you get it back.

All the while, our guys are over there, putting their lives on the line hosing down hot spots of resistance, making life better in the Middle East than it has ever been.

Levin employs these ‘stealth tactics’ and it takes a political junkie to sort it out. Conventional news reporting will never bring his pestering to light. A man with no ideas is a man dispossessed of any morality and the only explanation Levin can muster is: “Bush lied” or; “…If I had known then, what I know now”. All the while the left’s media allies and their cash-cow Move-On are telling us that this President is a dummy.

And if that’s the case. Who’s the real dummy here? How did the “dummy” put one over on the entire brain-trust of the Democrat Senate. The Plame affair, the Downing Street Memo, the lack of WMD’s are simply distractions designed to undermine the War over there and the Republican delegation at home. Hussein’s Iraq had violated dozens of other U.N. Resolutions and the only method of enforcement remaining was the disposition of Hussein himself. Levin, having voted against authorizing the America’s use of force in Iraq must have missed the part about how many of the heralded U.N. were on Saddam’s payroll. Over a decade of resolutions, decrees, pronouncements and a blizzard of meaningless paper was proffered. The slowpokes acknowledged the menace of Hussein on dozens of occasions over that time span as well, when it was convenient and safe for them to do so. But harsh rhetoric and the occasional flyover by U.S. jets was the only thing Hussein suffered. The slowpokes jammed the highway of consequence with econo-box excuses, enabling Saddam to survive.

Another sad fact is that Levin does little for Michigan either. Our state is beset with many problems. While the economy of America moves into a new higher-tech era, Levin embraces the old-time unionism, the big-brother philosophy of job-banks and extending unemployment benefits in perpetuity, rather than considering tax cuts, or abolishing fossilized regulations to help businesses. The state’s declining population and the potholes that pepper Michigan’s roads must wait while he enthusiastically plows through the wastebaskets and dumpsters of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue looking for one piece of evidence.

So while Michigan residents navigate a sea of potholes, Levin busies himself in the work of busy bodies. Not caring about history, Michigan’s failings, or a better tomorrow. Levin’s buries himself in Sanskrit, the faded papyrus of conspiratorial suppositions, tuning over rocks in hopes of finding something. Meanwhile our troops fight on, and our President, appreciative of good advice, will find little in the left lane.


I’ll be the first to admit it: I am a fair-weather fan. If you have lived in Metro Detroit for any amount of time, you know the futility of going all out to root for the Detroit Lions. We’re thrilled when they win…no doubt. We’re just as excited when they TRY to win! Detroit and the ‘Burb’s are mostly blue-collar and we love to see a good solid effort. We’re a fairly forgiving lot as well, as long as we can see an attempt to win put forth.

The Lions got close a few years back. Motivated in part by the sad career ending injury of Guard Mike Utley. The team rallied from average to great and routed many opponents only to be hit by a brick wall called the Washington Redskins. One of the many thorns in the side of the team and fans alike for many years now. The Redskins are one of the symptoms of a continuing problem the team has faced. The Lions have NO other team’s number. Any team the Lions face can beat them on any given day.

We’ve seen a revolving door of coaches, linemen, running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks. Lots of quarterbacks…too many to list, many of them average performers with a few exceptions. And then the team releases them, they go to another team and come back, beat us, and look good doing it.

Yeah, we’ve been waiting. As Lion’s fans go, correction: as football fans go, we don’t kid ourselves that this year will be: “The Year!” We’re just waiting to see a season that gets built upon the following season. Fans suffer the see-saw routine instead. And this year’s Thanksgiving game was no different. The Lions were simply outclassed by a team that was built to win. Just “Another win” on the way to the playoffs. Which the Lions and their fans have seen lots of…from other teams.

Every component of the Lions have been re-tooled or replaced except one: The Owners. The Fords have owned this team for decades and like their cars, any innovations arrive after the competition already has them. Both are unsurprising, average, and easily beaten by other teams or autos with better and newer features. Sure the Fords have the Mustang, like the Lions had Barry Sanders or Billy Sims. With lingering questions about the overall structural build quality, long term reliability has been rightfully suspect.

William Ford, you have had your chance with this team. For the sake of Lions fans and the NFL, don’t just rearrange the furniture again, find a Buyer for the team. With your record as an NFL owner, it’s obvious that you cannot compete in this league. Just sell the Lions…NOW!!!

Is This Thing On?

Is anybody really listening? To the ‘War protests’ and the proposals for Social Security, the Iraqi Governing Council’s efforts to ratify a Constitution they can call their own? Much newsprint and bandwidth has been committed to Cindy Sheehan’s hollow protest . And now we’re subject to Joan Baez’s guitar and Senator Chuck Hagel’s sentimentalizing of the waning days of the Vietnam War. Hagel, like fellow traveler John McCain’s real concerns are that they do not want to inherit a Presidency (in their dreams!) featuring an unresolved Iraq/Terror war.  The Hagelites are happy with the Bush economy, the low, low unemployment rates and the relative calm that America currently enjoys. The mainstream press hungry for dissention amongst Republicans somewhere  to disparage the President and the party’s policies have extended an ‘open-door’ policy  to these malcontent poseurs who have to defend no ideology and answer no hard questions but merely trash their party leading the press to think they’re once again making news that the Republicans are really going South…this time.

Air America, pitiful listening on its own, is finally making news. It turns out that money earmarked to benefit the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in NYC., over $800,000 for “The Children” was diverted to rich actors like Al Franken to keep the floundering “progressive” broadcast on the air. Meanwhile, Franken and his compatriots at Air (sick) America have expressed “shock” and “disbelief” upon learning the truth. Try tuning in for more details, or if you are having trouble falling asleep.

Since the Democrats have resorted to taking money wherever they can find it, they have allied themselves with commitments that will hasten their undoing. Lacking ideas born of any American tradition, Democrats are mortgaging their party’s legacy and paying leg-breaking interest on the ideas of others that pretend to support the party’s platforms and American ideals as well. The Dems are doing a fine job raising money from all the wrong people. Americans will care nothing for a political party that fails to support time honored and MORAL American ideas.


“Karl Rove spells his name with a “K”. Just like the Ku-Klux Klan! Rove hails from TEXAS, just like George W. Bush…and Halliburton!” So the mock ad on Rush Limbaugh’s show goes. It’s a funny ad because it has a ring of truth to it. Rove’s alleged leak of a CIA employees name is supposed to be the President’s “Sophomore scandal”. George W’s Iran-Contra/Monica Lewinsky and all that. Why? The media template says so. And you can’t go against a media machine even though it needs some serious house-cleaning and serious couch time at any psychiatrists office. Like their Democratic brethren, the news media is bereft of direction and too lazy to find good stories. Hence the template media, having the stars misplaced in their universe are looking in the wrong direction for a scandal to set things right.

Karl Rove has to be guilty of something, or so the Dems and the media believe! The hell with facts and proof, he’s helped Republicans gain majorities in both houses of congress and he’s Bush’s Brain!” He’s EVIL! There’s so much wrong with the premise and the schizophrenia of the opposition’s illogic that it defies replying to. It’ ‘s boring to read about, hear about, and uninteresting on television. A perpetual cacophonous din, simply unintelligible night after night, spilling into Sunday mornings.  The Democrats and the media have a HUGE credibility problem, and they’re talking about it to themselves until they’re blue (state) in the face and: “WHY ISN’T ANYBODY LISTENING?!!!!” It’s summer, TV is all re-runs, and America is at the ballgame enjoying American traditions that make them feel good.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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